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Welcome to the website of Graham Fisher MBE (that's him over there holding a book wot he writ), proprietor of G. Fisher Enterprises.

Canals and what?

Graham is a noted specialist in the inland waterways of the UK with an interest in the industries they served, particularly Stourbridge Glass, and is a writer, broadcaster and presenter who has over the years carved his own unique niche as an observer of the unusual and the arcane.

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Here is your 'one-stop shop' for both G. Fisher Enterprises and Graham's associate Sparrow Publishing, with details of available books, podcasts and presentations, together with imagery, links and listings of other organisations and causes supported.

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posted 18.2.18. Edited audio of interview featuring A.L Lewis on Ian Marrey Show, Black Country Radio 102.5 FM (www. on Saturday 17.2.18. See Latest.

posted 6.2.18. Confirmation that GF has been reappointed for a further term on the West Midlands Waterways Partnership, part of the Canal & River Trust, with a mandate to continue work on digitisation of the waterways. Details of CRT at Links.

posted 21.1.18. Turrets and thimbles. The Bayeux Tapestry may be loaned to the nation, but we already have our own - and with Black Country connections. (Episode 18 TFTB)

posted 16.12.17. The Rivers Severn and Wye, a 'compare and contrast'. (Episode 17 TFTB)