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Here you will find details of ad hoc projects and eclectic matters arising that seemed to defy our efforts to pigeon-hole them under a regular category. Bon appetit.

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From the archives

Montgomery Canal Walk

A sponsored non-stop walk along the entire length of the Montgomery Canal, at that time virtually completely derelict and abandoned since 1936. Commencing from the disused basins in Newtown, Powys, and heading northwards to Welsh Frankton, a distance estimated at 36 miles 120 yards, it was undertaken, fittingly on St. David's Day in bitingly cold late-winter weather. A larger legible image is in Photo.

St. David's Day (1st March) 1986

Personally sponsored by HRH Prince of Wales , at whose request the amount he donated has never been revealed, the walk established a record in perpetuity that, in view recent restoration work , is unlikely to be replicated under the same conditions. Monies raised amounted to one of the largest single donations ever made to the Trust. A larger legible image is in Photo.

The Circumnavigation Project

The follow-up project to the walk of 1986, this sought to establish the possible link between Wales and the Black Country in a circular route. With no records of it being attempted previously or since, the event is, as with the walk of '86, unique. A token 'cargo', a lump of coal mounted in a display case, was carried along the entire journey and subsequently gifted  to Stourbridge Navigation Trust. A larger legible image is in Photo.

May 1989

Supported again by HRH Prince of Wales, who has a stretch of the 'Montie' named after him, the event was intended to raise awareness of the waterways, which, at the time, did not enjoy  the level of support that they do today and so it was felt on this occasion the generation of interest was more appropriate than raising cash. Whilst the journey received extensive coverage, some finances were also raised. A larger legible image is in Photo.

The Montgomery Canal Sponsored Walk of 1986 and The Circumnavigation Project of 1989 are unparalleled ventures and, in view of the length of time since they were undertaken, are now of historic significance. They will be of particular interest to contemporary enthusiasts and similarly to students working within a curriculum. The author wil be pleased to discuss how these can be of use in your application and attention is drawn to Talks in the navigator bar. Alternatively, click below to contact us direct.