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the website of Graham Fisher

the website of Graham Fisher

the website of Graham Fisherthe website of Graham Fisher



TALES FROM THE BARN ... the musings of a Black Country ex-pat now domiciled on the Welsh border

Citing his broadcasting hero Allister Cooke’s Letter From America as inspiration, Graham has sought to elucidate and contrast the people, places and events in and around his new home on the Welsh border with those of his native Black Country. 

The result is a pot-pourri of acute observations including, but extending well beyond, Graham’s already-established specialties of inland waterways and crystal glass into an eclectic range of areas that also include geology, crime fiction, ley-lines, industrial archeology, ecology and climate change, sport, language, the Norman Conquest, World War II heroes and much more.

Tales From The Barn (TFTB) is available now via  the usual outlets and  the internet at a UK price of £15.00. Locally it is available throughout the Glass Quarter (Stourbridge), Richard Booth's Bookshop (Hay) and Carrot and Wine Stores (Whitney).

Alternately, it can be obtained  direct from the author (+ £2.50 p&p) via the contact below and can be signed on request at no extra cost.  (Please indicate if, and to whom, you would like it signed.) Bulk and trade discounts are  available. 

For more information on TFTB see Books.

To purchase direct  click  the gold button below. A contribution from direct sales will be made to the British Glass Foundation of which Graham is a Trustee (see Links).

Quotable quotes: 

Graham Fisher says: ‘In helping articulate the nuances of two regions and its peoples close to my heart I have been greatly impressed by the striking correlations between my beloved Black Country and my adopted home. 

Dr Malcolm Dick OBE, School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham who wrote the Foreword says: ‘TFTB explores and illuminates the past and the present of the region of his birth and the Herefordshire-Powys border where Graham now lives. It is one of Graham’s most engaging and wide-ranging books. 

Mary Spence MBE (Sparrow Publishing) says: ‘Graham has a scholarly but informal style in which he writes like he speaks. Possibly his best work to date.’

GF and GFEnts


Welcome to the website of Graham Fisher MBE, proprietor of G. Fisher Enterprises. That's him over yonder, during a recent stay at the fantasy village of Portmeirion in north Wales. He's a big fan of the late Patrick McGoohan's cult TV series The Prisoner, which was originally filmed here in the 1960s. Rumours that McGoohan's chiselled good looks and rakish charm were modelled on GF are, as yet, unsubstantiated. Be seeing you! 

Canals and what?

Graham is a noted specialist in the inland waterways of the UK with an interest in the industries they served, particularly Stourbridge Glass, and is a writer, broadcaster and presenter who has over the years carved his own unique niche as an observer of the unusual and the arcane.

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