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Welcome to the website of Graham Fisher MBE, proprietor of G. Fisher Enterprises. Our analytics team tell us that the images we put here of The Man Himself were being over-downloaded as screenshots to scare the scammers away so instead we bring you alternatives that are far prettier on the eye. The previous was one of his cats, Lady Charlotte Henrietta Arabella. (Pedigree cat, pedigree name but more usually known as Cha-puss). More sophisticated pussy-cats may follow but for now please welcome the resident pooches Angus and Douglas, a.k.a  'Gus 'n Doug' or 'Gormless 1 and Gormless 2'. Use the contact form to tell us if you ever come across two muttier looking mutts than these canine morons. When visitors ask 'are they vicious?' we simply point to the hair-clips. Says it all. Doh! (image, glossy  coats and healthy wet noses courtesy of HayVet Veterinary Group).

Anyway ...

Canals and what?

Graham is a noted specialist in the inland waterways of the UK with an interest in the industries they served, particularly Stourbridge Glass, and is a writer, broadcaster and presenter who has over the years carved his own unique niche as an observer of the unusual and the arcane.

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Here is your 'one-stop shop' for both G. Fisher Enterprises and Graham's associate Sparrow Publishing, with details of available books, podcasts and presentations, together with imagery, links and listings of other organisations and causes supported.

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COMING SOON: 'Rock solid bass-ics, an examination of the crucial but often understated driving force behind a band. And what force would that be, exactly? Well there’s a cryptic clue in the title.'  

Currently being scheduled for first airing on Black Country Radio 102.5FM it will appear on this site in full under Podcasts shortly after broadcast. 

posted 18.5.20. Satire and silliness - Tales From Before The Barn. A series of textual vignettes resuscitated  from the archives and rejuvenated in full-colour audio form. (see Podcasts; scroll down to And now for something completely different)

posted 30.3.20. Behind the barricades. The coronavirus pandemic is of worldwide concern as the race is on to reduce transmission and develop a vaccine. Yet beyond the medical concerns, what implications are there for the eventual resumption of our ‘normal’ way of life and even upon the state of our democracy? (see Podcasts; IMO, episode 10)

posted 11.3.20. Age of reason. A long-defunct Grammar School, a pupil in the ‘shallow waters’ of his formative years and a celebration of half a century since the death of one of our greatest intellects, Graham reflects on how this rich combination may have inadvertently led to unintended consequences. (see Podcasts; IMO, episode 9)