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Welcome to the website of Graham Fisher MBE,  proprietor of G. Fisher Enterprises. That's him over there aged two and a half climbing over the garden fence. If you were around 60-odd years ago you might recognise him. If not, you'll nowadays notice he still routinely wears his standard-dress issue dungarees and boots. Only in a slightly bigger size now.

Canals and what?

Graham is a noted specialist in the inland waterways of the UK with an interest in the industries they served, particularly Stourbridge Glass, and is a writer, broadcaster and presenter who has over the years carved his own unique niche as an observer of the unusual and the arcane.

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Here is your 'one-stop shop' for both G. Fisher Enterprises and Graham's associate Sparrow Publishing, with details of available books, podcasts and presentations, together with imagery, links and listings of other organisations and causes supported.

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posted 15.2.19. Rouse, Ye Women! World premier of play featuring women chaimakers comes to the Black Country. (see Blog.)

posted 15.2.19. Cholera clobbered (2). Illustrated podcast on Sandfields Pumping Station, Lichfield now available on West Midlands History website. (see Blog).

posted 1.2.19. Hands across the water. The visit of Ned and KC Meislin. (see Blog).

posted 19.12.18. Assaulting the airwaves. Yes indeed friends, the eclectic cornucopia of  nonsense and mayhem that is The GF Festive Extravaganza hits the spot in a special edition for the Christmas period. (see Blog).

posted 14.12.18. Great job. GF and colleagues supporting the work of Release Potential. (see Blog).

posted 7.12.18. Moving on - a personal farewell. GF pays tribute to a colleague. (see Blog).

posted 12.11.18. Moving on. GF concludes his tenure with CRT's Regional Advisory Board. (see Blog).


posted 9.11.18. Power of words. A reflection on impending commemorations of Armistice Day. (Episode 25 TFTB).

posted 27.10.18. Sale of Hesketh motorcycles items. (see new category under More tab). This is a temporary listing  pending sale of the items; either click on Hesketh in Quick-click site navigator, opposite, or More at top of  page.

posted 19.10.18. Local writer receives prestigious award. (see Bits 'n bobs and Blog).

posted 23.9.18. Success! Allan Leonard Lewis VC memorial plaque and statue unveiled. (see Blog).

posted 8.9.18. Shapes of compassion. Unsung heroes of the Holocaust. (Episode 24 TFTB).

posted 14.8.18. Live on air. GF hits the Black Country airwaves on the Ian Marrey Show Saturday 18.8.18. (see Blog).

posted 9.8.18. BBC WM 95.6 takes to the waterways week commencing Monday 13.8.18. GF and colleagues are invited to to join the team. (see Blog).

posted 9.8.17. Grannie knows best. Stourbridge Glass and its Celtic links. (Episode 23 TFTB).

posted 20.7.18. Proposed book launch at prestigious festival announced. Agreement in principle to launch unprecented fifth book at five successive International Festivals of Glass.  (see Blog). 

posted 11.7.18. Cholera clobbered. A visit to Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield and an absorbing podcast coming soon to West Midlands History. (see Blog).

posted 23.6.18. A new home. A presentation by GF at a gathering held in the new White House Cone museum of glass, Wordsley on 22.6.18. (see Blog).

posted 21.6.18. For your security. We are pleased to announce that GFEnts now has an SSL Certificate, so you can continue to contact us with confidence that your communications are secure. (See Blog for more information by clicking on tab in Quick-click site navigator, above, or directly below) .

posted 4.6.18. A 'heads up' for an interview with Yours Truly between noon and 1pm on BBC Radio WM tomorrow (Tuesday 5th June) on the Caroline Martin show. The subject? Inland waterways, of course. 95.6FM and on-line. Thanks for listening.

posted 4.6.18. Goodbye ol' friend. A personal tribute following the sinking of mv Oliver Cromwell, as related  earlier in Bits 'n' bobs. (Episode 22 TFTB)

posted 27.5 18. A heartbreaking tale. The loss of mv Oliver Cromwell (see Bits 'n' bobs).

posted 21.5.18. The Big Cat roars, but perhaps tinged with a Celtic accent? Jaguar cars are historically associated with the bustling Midlands car industry but attained some of their growl amidst the tranquil scenery of Wales. (Episode 21 TFTB)

posted 9.4.18. Early notice: GF 'live' again on the Ian Marrey Show, Saturday 19.2.18, 10:00am-12:00noon. 

See Links for details of Black Country Radio.

posted 2.4.18. The last snow of 2018? (see Film).

posted 26.3.18. New celebratory installation in Kingswinford. Mural in Townsend Precinct. (see Bits 'n' bobs).

posted 18.3.18. And still it comes ... yet more snow. (see Film and Photo).

posted 17.3.18. Amblecote History Society added at Links.

posted 10.3.18. A cold snap. Does a book from the 1970s hold clues to man's survival? Welsh boulders in Birmingham and woolly mammoths in Amblecote; some say it could all happen again. (Episode 19 TFTB).

posted 4.3.18. The view from the hill, a pan across the Wye Valley as the big thaw sets in. (See Film).

posted 2.3.18. From the archives. Two events from the 1980s, now of historical significance. (See Bits 'n' bobs).

posted 2.3.18. Spring has sprung. More on the cold snap. (See Film).

posted 2.3.18. And more at the official start of Spring. March 2018. Heavy snow for St. David's Day. (See Photo).

posted 1.3.18. The Women Who Shaped The World. See Sparrow and scroll to More about Sparrow and Mary.

posted 25.2.18. More links added; click Links and scroll to Other links and resources at foot.

posted 18.2.18. Edited audio of interview featuring A.L Lewis on Ian Marrey Show, Black Country Radio 102.5 FM (www. on Saturday 17.2.18. (See Bits 'n' bobs).

posted 6.2.18. Confirmation that GF has been reappointed for a further term on the West Midlands Waterways Partnership, part of the Canal & River Trust, with a mandate to continue work on digitisation of the waterways. Details of CRT at Links.

posted 21.1.18. Turrets and thimbles. The Bayeux Tapestry may be loaned to the nation, but we already have our own - and with Black Country connections. (Episode 18 TFTB).

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